Home Moving Made Easy – Top Tips for an Easier Charlotte Relocation

Homeowners in Charlotte NC sell their homes and move, on average, every five to seven years. That’s a lot of moving, and it can be a stressful time for anyone. But by preparing for your next move, you can greatly reduce the stress involved and simplify the entire process. Here are some tips on how to do that: Continue reading “Home Moving Made Easy – Top Tips for an Easier Charlotte Relocation”

How to Support Your Local Charlotte Bike Shop While Respecting Your Budget

Bob asks : I’m struggling between being a good supporter of my LBS and keeping my budget/bike stuff spending in check. I know I need to support my LBS and buy stuff from them. But it’s tough to justify when they sell everything at MSRP and I can find most of the items online for 10-25% less. Is it fair to ask for a discount from the LBS? or does that make me an ass? I don’t expect them to match the prices but maybe we could meet in the middle somewhere. To be clear, I think I’m a pretty decent customer. I buy parts from them because I know I’m going to need their help when I inevitably screw up what I’m working on. I’m very comfortable paying for labor and my LBS guys are great about sharing their knowledge. My friend from the LBS even came to speak at my work when I hosted a seminar on bike commuting.

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Losing Those Last Extra Pounds? Try commuting on a bike

It is a known fact that as we age it is harder to keep the weight off.  Not only are our own bodies changing and making it more difficult, but as well as limited time and more responsibilities.   It was much easier in school, or a younger age to go for a run, make a healthy dinner or join a sports team. Continue reading “Losing Those Last Extra Pounds? Try commuting on a bike”

13 Best Moving Companies in Charlotte NC

Move Charlotte Smarter evaluated 227 moving companies in Charlotte and selected the best 13 in reviews, customer service and business acumen.

If you’re thinking about a local move, your new residential or commercial establishment is clearly within a distance of 100 miles from your current location. Local moving companies in Charlotte, NC understand that even if you’re about to set out on a local relocation, there is still a tremendous amount of hassle included, not to mention stress!  Charlotte NC Local movers will help you out with every aspect of the relocation. Continue reading “13 Best Moving Companies in Charlotte NC”

Hauling Your Kid by Bike Series: The Basics

My daughter is 4 months old and I’m going stir crazy to get her out on our local bike paths! While I love walking places with her there are a few things that are a bit too far for a daily walk like the library which is a 6 mile round trip with no tree cover to shade us. It is also the heart of the summer here in Denver right now and I need to be back from our walks by 10:30/11am at the latest since walking doesn’t create much of a breeze for my daughter in her stroller! Continue reading “Hauling Your Kid by Bike Series: The Basics”