Are You Moving Offices? Here is a Guided Checklist

Moving offices can be an expensive and stressful project especially if proper planning is not done prior to the exercise. However, with a detailed plan and a bit of forethought, you can avoid lots of pitfalls. Remember, before your move, you need to establish the location, space, and affordability of the exercise. Below is a checklist you can use when moving premises to a new location.

One and a Half Months to Moving Day

Starting as early as 6 weeks to your scheduled moving day can give you ample time to organize yourself and ensure everything is in place. At this time, you should measure the office space you are moving into to ensure your new furniture design and office layout will fit in.

A Month to the Moving Day

Depending on whether your new office is under a property management company or not, you may have to arrange for private security to conduct a surveillance of your new office. You should also get in touch with furniture suppliers if you want additional furniture and also enquire if they offer layout and design advice to optimize your new space.

Ensure you also get in touch with removals companies and get quotes. Be careful to check on their credentials including experience, pricing, and the service offerings they have. If you have IT support, they can help you arrange your electronics and phone lines. If you don’t, removal companies can also help you.

Three Weeks to the Moving Day

Ensure you notify your existing suppliers that you are moving offices. For those who will not be able to supply you in your new location, you can review their contracts and cancel where practicable. Place orders of stationery bearing the new address and also organize for your address to be changed to ensure smooth deliveries. For transfer insurance, check with your agent whether they can transfer your insurance policy to your new offices.

14 Days to the Moving Day

Install your phone lines and broadband in the new office. If your provider cannot transfer your phone numbers, you should set up forwarding numbers instead. Also, ensure all the essentials are in order and confirm the kitchen and washroom facilities are working well. Box up everything that has been left in your office and ensure everything is labeled for a smooth transition to your new office.

7 Days to the Moving Day

Notify your removals company to bring in the required moving boxes and their staff was provided to help in the packing. Your cables, wiring, and servers should be all set up and the old office cleaned. Pack an essential kit which should ideally be a suitcase containing items that you may need straight away at your new office. Don’t load these things on the truck because they may take time to arrive. If you are in Charlotte, there are various short and long term storage Charlotte companies that can take care of your items.

On moving day, let the removals company handle all the transportation and errands. Do one final sweep to confirm that nothing is left behind. This will leave you and your staff with peace of mind to concentrate on settling down at your new business premises.